Can I get customer enquiries through SMS?

Of course, you can! Just log into, go to ‘Account – Preferences’ section, click on ‘SMS Preferences’ tab, then ‘Enable SMS Alerts’ and select the mobile number on which you would like to receive alerts. That’s it! Once you do the above, you will receive all enquiries as an SMS

How do the students pay us if they are taking online classes?

Always discuss payment amounts and methods upfront with the students before starting classes to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings later on, during the class. Ensure that you and the student have agreed on the method of payment. You can ask for any mode of online payment that you are comfortable with.

What else can I do to increase my visibility on zeroerror?

Get reviews and ratings from your students. Get Featured or Sponsored on to get an instant bump in your profile visibility to students. Also, having a complete profile goes a long way in increasing your ranking, and thus increasing your visibility. One more option to increase your chances of being

What are zeroerror coin plans?

zeroerror coin plans allow you to decide how many Coins you wish to purchase as per your requirements and needs. You can buy anywhere between 400-2000 coins from Coin plans with the price starting from Rs.250. The more coins you buy, the better value you receive and the more likely you

How do I increase my rank on ?

Checking your rank by using the above steps will also display suggestions as to how you can improve your rank. Some of the more common suggestions are to ‘Add your profile photo’, ‘Verify your email’ etc. Verifying phone number and writing a detailed description also help in increasing your ranking. And

Why was my photo not approved?

We only allow your clear picture on your profile. Please make sure you are not uploading a group picture, picture of an object or scenery as your profile picture. Make sure you are uploading a clear, professional looking picture!

Where do I stand in the ranking system of zeroerror?

To find out your rank in the zero error ranking, just log in to your profile and go to dashboard standout tab the ‘Pro Score and Ranking’ will be displayed there, where you can check your category specific rank that you have selected using the drop-down menu. The categories are limited

What is the ranking system?

The ranking system is how we determine our top Tutors through assigning marks to your Pro Score. Your Pro Score is a comprehensive system which takes into account the completeness of your profile, the ratings and reviews you receive, your participation in our Q&A section etc. Your Pro Score helps

How can I make payment to upgrade my account?

You can upgrade your account from ‘Basic’ to ‘Premium’ by making a purchase of any Premium membership package. You can pay through the following methods.Online payment via credit card, debit card or net banking.Bank transfer to our HDFC/ICICI/YES bank account (by cheque/ by net-banking or cash deposit)HDFC BankBranch: Indiranagar, BangaloreCurrent A/c:

Is There Any Free Trial Membership Period?

Not as such, but any Tutor who does not buy premium membership is considered to be a ‘Free’ member and as such, will receive a limited number of enquiries. These enquiries will also be sent only a few hours after being sent to paid Tutors, thus being a serious disadvantage. As